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pike.git/CHANGES:723:       - Support for the SQLite database added. A raw interface is    available throug hthe SQLite module. FIXME: Syntax?       Sql.Sql db = Sql.Sql("sqlite://path/to/file");       - Sql.pgsql. New driver for native PostgreSQL network protocol support.    It implements a superset of the existing Postgres driver.    Current features: no library dependencies (no libpq), native binding    support, streaming support, NOTIFY/LISTEN support (fully eventdriven, -  no polling), binary support for integer, float and string datatypes, -  compatibility options to support old return-everything-as-text mode, +  no polling), binary support for integer, float and string datatypes +  through big_typed_query(),    COPY FROM/TO STDIN/STDOUT support, multiple simultaneous streaming    queries on the same connection (i.e. multiple PostgreSQL-portal-    support), automatic precompilation and caching of often-used    long-compile-time-needing queries, extended columndescriptions,    accurate error messages under all circumstances, SSL-support,    SQL-injection protection since it will ignore everything after the    first semicolon delimiting the first command in the query, integrated    statistics, _reconnect callback for sessions that use temptables.       Performance tuned, with the helperclass _PGsql.PGsql it currently