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pike.git/CHANGES:1:   Changes since Pike 7.8.352 (third 7.8 release):   ----------------------------------------------------------------------    - Extensions and Changes - ---------------------- + Extensions and New Functions + ----------------------------      o Protocols.HTTP.Session will no longer override an existing    content-type header in async_do_method_url.      o Updated timezone data to tzdata2009u.    -  + o String.normalize_space    -  +  New and efficient C implementation; sanitises whitespace, even in wide +  strings. +  +    Bug fixes   ---------    -  + o Improved widestring support for Parser.Tabular. +    o Fixed segfault in combine_path_nt on windows when the first char    of an appended path is wide.      o Fixed fatal error in the constant expression evaluator of the    compiler for certain code.      o Fixed a problem in "pike -x module" that prevented auto tools from    running in the correct directory.      o Fixed memory leak on out of memory in Mysql.fetch_json_result().