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pike.git/CHANGES:1:   Changes since Pike 7.4.10:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------    + o Generation of LDSHARED bugfixed so that building of 3:rd party +  modules work. + o Bugfixes to String.Buffer.`+ and String.Buffer.`+=. + o is_absolute_path can handle empty strings. + o FakeFile works as Stdio.File when reading more than stored in the +  file. + o Bugfix in Standards.EXIF for Nikon 990/D1 cameras. + o The MIME module supports transport padding after delimiter. + o Buffer overflow fixed in _Roxen. + o Several iterator bug fixes. + o Array.lyskom_sort_func bug fixed. +  +  + Changes since Pike 7.4.10: + ---------------------------------------------------------------------- +    o Bugfix in Parser.C. "!=" is now considered one token instead of two.   o Bugfixed loop over-optimization caused by faulty dependency    analysis.   o Postgres 7.3+ correctly detected.   o Now function_object behaves as in Pike 7.2 again, returning zero if    the argument is a constant in the parent class. In that case    function_program() can be used to get the parent program.   o Added System.dumpable() which can be used on Linux to enable    coredumping even for seteuid/setegid processes.   o Image.FreeType now selects the hopefully best character map when