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pike.git/CHANGES:4:   New/improved functionality:   ---------------------------      o New Hilfe    The interactive pike environment you get when running pike without    giving a program name, has been thoroughly rewritten. Most notably    it now supports more of the common pike constructs, and is more    extendable and configurable. Start it and type help for more info.      o AutoDoc +  The major parts of Pike now has some sort of documentation on +  class and function level thanks to the AutoDoc system which has +  been deployed during the last year. Manual dumps are published on +  http://pike.ida.liu.se/docs/reference/      o pike -x    When starting pike with the -x parameter, the pike process will    run the named script in Tools.Standalone, giving the rest of the    arguments as command-line switches. This is a convenient way of    running rsif (replace string in file) and pv (the image viewer    you may be familiar with from Tools.PV).      o unbug   
pike.git/CHANGES:33:      o delay()/sleep()    sleep() no longer busywaits, which it previously did for small    values. The old behaviour is available from the delay() function.      o search(string, int) / has_value(string, int)    Both of these methods now handle both looking for strings and    integers (the unicode number for a single character).    Examples: search("hi, ho!", '!'), has_value("Nope.", ' ')    + o Expanded Charset module +  The character set module now has support for the character sets +  Shift_JS, UTF-7.5, EUC, Big5, CP950, UTF-16, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE. +  It is now also easier to get the right charset codec since the +  names are normalized internally. +  +    Language additions:   -------------------      o foreach(X; Y; Z)    The foreach statement has been extended to allow iterations over    mappings, multisets and any object that implements the iterator    interface (see below). To make it possible to use this    conveniently, a new syntax has been added to get both the index    and the value in each iteration:   
pike.git/CHANGES:167:    class X {    int i;    void create (int i) {X::i = i;}    }         New modules / classes / methods added:   --------------------------------------      o ADT.History -  Leaking stack. +  ADT implementation of a "leaking stack". Hilfe example: +  > object h=ADT.History(3); +  > for(int i=17; i<22; i++) h->push(i); +  Ok. +  > h->get_first_entry_num(); +  (1) Result: 3 +  > h[3]; +  (2) Result: 19    -  +    o ADT.Relation.Binary -  Handles binary relations. +  Handles binary relations. Hilfe example: +  > object r=ADT.Relation.Binary("test"); +  > r->add(1,2)->add(2,3)->add(3,5)->add(1,4)->add(4,5); +  (1) Result: ADT.Relation.Binary("test") +  > r->find_shortest_path(1,5); +  (2) Result: ({ /* 3 elements */ +  1, +  4, +  5 +  }) +  > r->remove(1,4); +  (3) Result: ADT.Relation.Binary("test") +  > r->add(5,1); +  (4) Result: ADT.Relation.Binary("test") +  > r->find_shortest_path(1,5); +  (5) Result: ({ /* 4 elements */ +  1, +  2, +  3, +  5 +  })    -  +    o Audio.Codec and Audio.Codec    Contains decoders and encoders for audio. Currently WAV and MP3.    Note: The API remains marked "unstable".      o Calendar.verify    -  + o Crypto.MD4 +  + o Crypto.crypt_md5 +    o Debug.Tracer    -  + o Debug.Subject +    o Locale.Language      o Parser.Python    Splits Python source code into text tokens.      o Parser.RCS    Extracts data from RCS or CVS repositories.      o XML.NSTree   
pike.git/CHANGES:219:      o Stdio.GZipFile      o Stdio.expand_symlinks(string path)    Expands all symlinks along a path (returns 0 for broken links).    (Only available on systems with readlink.)      o Tools.PV    Convenience tool that sets up a canvas with GTK, presents a    picture on it and delivers a number of image inspection and -  manipulation options. +  manipulation options. This is a great tool for image work in +  Hilfe.    -  Also accessable via "pike -x pv" +  > object i=Image.Image(32,32)->random(); +  > Tools.PV(i);    -  +  The Pike Viewer tool is also accessable via "pike -x pv" +    o Image.Dims    Can extract the dimensions of an image with a minimal amount of -  data loading. Currently handles JPEG, GIF and PNG images. +  data loading. Currently handles JPEG, GIF and PNG images. Hilfe +  example: +  > Image.Dims.get(Stdio.File("test.gif")); +  (1) Result: ({ /* 2 elements */ +  1412, +  1120 +  })    -  +    o Image.Fonts    High level API for font handling. Should be used instead of    accessing the Freetype, TTF and *FIXME* modules directly.      o Image.DWG    Decodes AutoCAD thumbnail images.    -  + o Image.SVG +    o Gmp.mpq and Gmp.mpf    Multi precision fractions.      o String.SplitIterator      o Stdio.File.line_iterator      o String.Replace, String.SingleReplace      
pike.git/CHANGES:455:   o dynamic loading   o #pragma save_parent   o #pragma dont_save_parent (overrides constant __pragma_save_parent__)   o dont_dump_module   o modules can no longer call functions in other modules directly   o it is possible to inherit pike programs from C programs.   o separate weak flags for indices and values in mappings      Math.inf   Math.nan - Gmp.mpf - Gmp.mpq (Rational numbers) +    Gz._file   Image.Image()->blur   Image.Image()->grey_blur   Image.PVR: VQ compression/decompression added   MIME.Message: guess mode added   Math.Transforms (FFT iFFT)   Math.Matrix()->sum,max,min   Math.Matrix.convolve   Math.Matrix.dot_product   Oracle: CLOB and BLOB support - Charset: Shift_JS, UTF-7.5, EUC, Big5, CP950, UTF-16, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE - Crypto.MD4 - Crypto.crypt_md5 +    _Ffmpeg   Image.JPEG: transforms   Stdio.File->sync   Stdio.get_all_active_fd (from spider)   system.normalize_path   system.gettimeofday   system.get_netinfo_property (Max OS X)   system.usleep/nanosleep   system.Memory (a class to read/write from mmap'ed or allocated memory)   SDL   Shuffler - Image.SVG +