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pike.git/CHANGES:226:       When the first argument (the pattern) to glob is an array, glob now    returns which pattern in the array matched.      o hash() has been changed to use siphash. The old hash function is    available under the name hash_8_0(). Note that this is not a    cryptographic hash function.      o Stdio.UDP()->send() no longer throws errors on EMSGSIZE and EWOULDBLOCK.    - o If a thread exits with by throwing, the thrown value is propagated to wait(). + o When a thread exits by throwing, the thrown value is propagated to +  wait(). Previously it was sent directly to master()->handle_error().      o String.trim_all_whites() renamed String.trim().      o Floats are no longer by default sorted before added. This may reduce    the precision but increases the speed of adding large number of    floats by a factor of 500. Applications handling floats with large    differences in magnitude need to apply the appropriate sorting    before arithmetics. As `+ was the only operator that performed    sorting, and functions like Array.sum did not, this was already a    concern.