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pike.git/CHANGES:272:    and Image.Color.      o Increased weakness granularity    Instead of just declaring a mapping as weak, to avoid its    references to be counted during garbage collection, it is now    possible to declare only the indices or only the values as weak.    To this end set_weak_flag() now takes a second argument to define    the kind of weakness its first argument should have; Pike.WEAK,    Pike.WEAK_VALUES or Pike.WEAK_INDICES. No second argument implies    Pike.WEAK, which is both Pike.WEAK_VALUES and Pike.WEAK_INDICES. +  (This feature has been added to later 7.2 releases too.)         New modules / classes / methods added:   --------------------------------------      o ADT.History    ADT implementation of a "leaking stack". Hilfe example:    > object h=ADT.History(3);    > for(int i=17; i<22; i++) h->push(i);    Ok.