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pike.git/CHANGES:18:    according to the EXIF orientation information) without needing to check    if the image is JPEG first.      o Concurrent       - Add delay() to postpone a future.       - Rewrite timeout() to reduce the memory footprint of a future in the    common case.    + o Process.Process +  +  - On NT it is now possible to specify the preferred console handler +  via the "conpty" option. The default is to take it from the first +  pty of "stdin", "stdout", and "stderr". If none of them is a pty +  the console handler is inherited from the current process. +    o SSL       The SSL module now supports session ticket both client and server side.    This functionality has been backported from 8.1/master.      o Standards.X509       Standards.X509 now allows the user to select acceptable signature    algorithms to be used in the verification of certificates.