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pike.git/CHANGES:413:    Pike v7.8 release 468 running Hilfe v3.5 (Incremental Pike Frontend)    > Parser.Tabular(Stdio.File("data.csv"), Stdio.File("format.csv"));       - Fixed return value from Regexp.PCRE.exec to always have entries for all    submatches.       - Fuse has fixed support for readlink().       - Fixed infinite loop in Audio.Format when reading MP3 frames.    +  - Added path to pike binary in pike -x module used by verify targets. +  Should also fix problems installing modules using pike -x monger.    -  +  - Reduce optimization in gethostby{addr,name} that could cause +  overzealous caching or results. +    Building, installing and developer tools   ----------------------------------------      o Fixes to allow Regexp.PCRE to compile against recent versions of PCRE lib.      o Fix Gz module build on recent Gentoo Linux.      o Fixed some library searchpath issues.      o Some potential fixes for --enable-pikelib mode on platforms had