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pike.git/CHANGES:174:    declared protected. Mixin is the concept of overloading symbols    via multiple inheritance. In previous versions of Pike the mixin    paradigm was only supported for public symbols. For more information    about mixin see eg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mixin .      o Implicit and explicit create().       The compiler now supports defining classes with both an implicit    and an explicit create().    - o Warnings for unused private symbols. -  -  The compiler now checks that all symbols that have been declared -  private actually are used. -  +     class A (int i)    {    protected string j;    protected void create(string j)    {    A::j = reverse(j);    }    }    -  + o Warnings for unused private symbols. +  +  The compiler now checks that all symbols that have been declared +  private actually are used. +    o Warnings for unused local variables.       The compiler now checks that all local variables are used.      o Unicode       Case information and the Unicode module are updated to Unicode    5.1.0.      o The keyword protected
pike.git/CHANGES:279:   o Compatibility name spaces       Older versions of a function can be reached through its version name    space. For example the 7.4 version of the hash function can be    called through 7.4::hash().      o Iterator API       The iterator API method Iterator->next() is no longer optional.    + o IPv6    -  +  Support for IPv6 has been improved. +  +    Extensions and New Functions   ----------------------------      o exit()       Exit now takes optional arguments to act as a werror in addition to    exiting the process.       exit(1, "Error while opening file %s: %s\n", path, strerror(errno()));   
pike.git/CHANGES:719:       The refactoring also added individual classes for all of the XML node    types (both for Nodes and for SimpleNodes). This allows for stricter    typing of code involving XML tree manipulation.       Several new functions added to manipulate and insert nodes in the    XML tree.       The module now also has a much better knowledge of DTDs and DOCTYPEs.    + o Parser.XML.Validating +  +  - get_external_entity() now gets the callback info mapping as +  the third argument rather than a constant zero. +  +  - SYSTEM URIs are now normalized during parsing if possible. +  +  - parse() and parse_dtd() now accept getting the base URI for the +  parsed data as the second argument. +  +  - Improved error reporting. +  +  - Several issues with the parsing of DTDs have been fixed. +    o Postgres       - Extended the SQL query interface to include affected_rows() and    streaming_query() as well as variable bindings.       - Automatic binary or text transfer for queryarguments and resultrows.       Note: A new native Postgres driver has also been added; see    Sql.pgsql.   
pike.git/CHANGES:871:       - Added client.error_number(), client.error_string(), and    client.server_error_string() to make it possible to query errors    when no result object is returned.      o Protocols.SNMP       The readmsg() method in the protocol object now takes an optional    timout argument.    + o Protocols.TELNET.Readline +  +  Several issues where callback functions could be lost have been fixed. +    o Protocols.XMLRPC       The new AsyncClient class implements an asynchronous XMLRPC client.      o Regexp.PCRE.Widestring       - Replace matches in a string, with support for backreferences, now    possible from replace_positional().       > Regexp.PCRE.Plain("my name is ([a-zA-Z]+)")->
pike.git/CHANGES:1279:    create method of the Parser.XML.Simple and Parser.XML.Validating    (with "7.6" as argument for 7.6 compatibility). Parser.XML.Tree can    be created with PARSE_COMPAT_ALLOW_ERRORS_7_6 as flag.      o Protocols.LDAP.client       The "dn" field wasn't properly utf-8 decoded in 7.6 and earlier. If    your application does it yourself, you need to use the compatibility    version of this class.    + o Protocols.TELNET +  +  The interface functions create() and setup() are now protected symbols. +    o spider.XML       The spider module no longer contains the XML parser. The functions    isbasechar(), iscombiningchar(), isdigit(), isextender(),    isfirstnamechar(), ishexchar(), isidiographic(), isletter(),    isnamechar() and isspace() have also been moved to the Parser module.      o Sql.Sql       Pike will no longer create a .column entry in SQL query responses if