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pike.git/CHANGES:1:   Changes since Pike 7.8.316 (second 7.8 release):   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      General   -------      o Nettle 2.0 is now supported.       + Extensions and New Functions + ---------------------------- +  + o Image.Image +  +  Added support for sending Color objects to the color() function. +  + o Calendar +  +  Updated timezone data to 2009j. +  +    Bug fixes   ---------      o Fixed casting of floats to strings to again work more like in Pike    7.6 and earlier: The string will always contain either a "." or an    "e" to signify that it is a float, and it will no longer display so    many digits that the binary/decimal conversion errors become    visible.      o Protocols.HTTP.Server.HeaderParser will now discard parts of a    header value if the header value contains a newline (like "Host:    google.com\n.hax.net\r\n") and headers without colon.    -  + o file_open_socket() now attepts to set SO_REUSEPORT on the socket. +  Potentially fixes issues on FreeBSD 7.x where ports aren't reused.    -  +  +    Changes since Pike 7.8.116 (initial 7.8 release):   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      General   -------      o Sql.pgsql:    - Substantial documentation improvements.      o Stdio.Fd_ref is deprecated and in the process of being eliminated.