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pike.git/CHANGES:176:      o Protocols.HTTP.Query       On Solaris 11 Stdio.File()->connect() often fails with EADDRINUSE.    If this happens, retry the connection.      o Protocols.Websocket       Tentative fix for error 'indexing the NULL value with "set_nonblocking'.    + o Runtime +  +  Certain operations on arrays of only objects could have triggered a type +  confusion under some circumstances, causing integers to be freed as +  objects, and thus a NULL derefence (SIGSEGV). +    o Sql.pgsql       - Ensure that the db connection is closed when the portal is closed.       - Small speed boost.       - Fix the only known deadlock-cause logged in the last year; happened    (rarely) on multiple parallel queries on a single connection.       - Fix the only known race condition logged in the last year; happened