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pike.git/CHANGES:173:    Closed a prepared-statement-cache race when the same statement    is offered multiple times before it finalises the cache entry.    Fix sync errors with the database in case of multiple running    statements on a single connection that generate multiple errors.    Eliminate spurious sync errors on pipe-lined transactions    (multiple transactions in flight on a single file descriptor).    CancelRequests (to cancel running queries) caused sync errors with    the database when multiple queries were in flight: fixed.    Eliminate transient error messages on database restarts.    + o Standards.BSON +  +  Bugfixes for the decoding of Binary values of subtype 2, Binary +  values of subtypes above 0x7f and Datetime values with negative +  values. +  +    Changes since Pike 8.0.404 (release 8)   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      New Features   ------------      o Calendar       Updated Calendar to use timezonedata from tzdata2017a.