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pike.git/CHANGES:720:    In this case, if any of the given patterns match the function will    return true, or, if the second argument is also an array, all    entries that match any glob in the first array.      o Stdio.UDP():       + added IPv6 multicast support       + added set_buffer    + o Added client and server support for TCP_FASTCONNECT +  +  To connect using this TCP extension simply pass the data as the +  fifth argument to connect. +  +  The server support is automatically enabled if possible when a +  Stdio.Port object is bound to a port. +    o Stdio.File():       + send_fd and receive_fd    These functions can be used to send and receive an open    file-descriptor over another file-descriptor. The functions are    only available on some systems, and they generally only work    when the file the descriptors are sent over is a UNIX domain    socket or a pipe.       + Changed internally to remove one level of indirection.