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pike.git/CHANGES:1154:       The most common implementation is Kerberos, which means that the    main benefit of this API is to allow clients and servers to    authenticate each other using Kerberos, thereby making single    sign-on possible in a Kerberized environment.      o GTK2       Wrapper for the GTK2 library. Not yet 100% completed, but usable.    - o Kerberos -  -  FIXME -  +    o Protocols.DNS_SD       This module provides an interface to DNS Service Discovery. The    functionality of DNS-SD is described at <http://www.dns-sd.org/>.       Using the Proctocols.DNS_SD.Service class a Pike program can    announce services, for example a web site or a database server, to    computers on the local network.       When registering a service you need to provide the service name.