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pike.git/CHANGES:26:   o Fixed an SSL bug that caused the session cache from working.   o Fixed an SSL bug where calls to the read callback could get lost    when frequent switches between callback and non-callback mode    occurs.   o Added EXIF kludge to handle broken FUJIFILM MakerNote.   o Fixed close in Stdio.FakeFile.   o Fixed Stdio.exist.   o Ensure that errno() is relevant if recurse_rm returns with an error.   o Fixed a type parser bug in Hilfe.   o rdf:ID and rdf:about now takes xml:base into account in Web.RDF. + o Fix for Protocols.DNS on MacOS X.      Changes in C code:      o Fixed bug in profiling support.   o Backend and UDP fixes for poll and AIX.   o Fixed bug in f_exit when called with multiple arguments.   o Fix for segmentation fault in random_string with negative argument.   o Added mprotect workaround.   o Avoid default usage of machine code on OpenBSD.   o Improved handling out-of-stack errors.
pike.git/CHANGES:49:   o rusage fix for system without 64 bit integer support.   o Fixes in create_process().   o Fixed memory leak when createing tuned boxed images.   o MMX no longer used for `* and `+ image object operators because of    precision problems.   o New module: Kerberos   o Mysql module support Mysql 4.1.3.   o Bugfix in dbdate_cast() in the Oracle module.   o Several bugfixes in Shuffler.   o Added Stdio.Port()->bind_unix(). + o Several bugfixes for rare array probles. + o Several cpp fixes to ensure that #if constant never interrupts +  compiliation. Use --show-all-cpp-warnings to see such failures. + o cpp expressions are now short-circuited.      Other chages:      o Several fixes in the Pike package generation to make them work with    GNU tar 1.14.   o Preliminary support for local variable extraction in unbug. -  + o New installer system for Microsoft Windows.         Changes since Pike 7.4:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      New/improved functionality:   ---------------------------      o fewer magical hacks    Several Pike modules have been cleaned up from old hacks and