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pike.git/CHANGES:3:      New Features   ------------      o decode_value can be called with codec -1, which disables decoding of    functions, objects, programs and types.      Bug Fixes   ---------    + o Concurrent +  +  - The future generated by ->timeout() would not necessarily resolve with +  the fullfilled or rejected values if the original Promise/Future was +  resolved or rejected before hitting the timeout. +  - If the original promise resolves or rejects, we now attempt to +  unschedule the timeout call_out from the backend we scheduled it in, +  not the one (now) configured in the Future. +    o Inotify       add_watch() now returns -1 for filsystem-related failures    that may be due to the filsystem being in flux.      o Image.BMP       Improved size check better detects malformed BMP images.      o Image.GIF