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pike.git/CHANGES:692:       - The autoconvert() function, used to autodetect the character    encoding of an XML file and decode it, has been moved from being a    method of the Parser.XML.Simple object to being a function in the    Parser.XML module.       FIXME    Several correctness fixes.    Added Simple.Context    + o Parser.XML.SloppyDOM +  +  Yet another DOM-like module aimed at quickly and conveniently parse +  an xml snippet (or whole document) to access its parts. Nodes can be +  selected using a subset of XPath. +  +  Footnote: This module was previously part of Roxen WebServer. +    o Parser.XML.Tree       The module code has been refactored and a second "simple" interface    has been added. The (new) SimpleNode interface implements a node tree    interface similar to the (old) Node interface, with two major    differences:       - The SimpleNodes do not have parent pointers, this means that they    do not generate cyclic data structures (and thus less garbage, and    no need for zap_tree()), but also that it is not possible to find