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pike.git/CHANGES:1:   Changes since Pike 7.2:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------    - New functionality: - ------------------ + New/improved functionality: + ---------------------------      o New Hilfe      o pike -x    rsif    pv      o unbug    -  + o Unicode 3.2.0 +  All charts has been updated to Unicode 3.2.0. This applies both to +  the Unicode module as well as Pike-global functionality such as +  upper_case/lower_case. unicode_to_string() also has support for +  surrogate and byteorder make handling.    - New concepts: - ------------- + o Extended random() +  random() now works on float, array, multiset and mapping (and +  int/object).    -  + o delay()/sleep() +  sleep() no longer busywaits. +  + o search(string, int)/has_value(string, int) +  + Language additions: + ------------------- +    o foreach(X; Y; Z)    The foreach statement has been extended to allow iterations over    mappings, multisets and any object that implements the iterator    interface (see below). To make it possible to use this    conveniently, a new syntax has been added to get both the index    and the value in each iteration:       foreach (something; index-expr; value-expr) ...       This iterates over something, assigning in turn each index to
pike.git/CHANGES:99:   o enum and typedef have implicit local binding      o ::_indices(), ::_values().    There are now two "magic" functions ::_indices() and ::_values()    that can be used by an object to list all identifiers and their    values in itself. They are primarily intended when the _indices()    and _values() lfuns have been defined, to get the default    implementations. This is to complement the "magic" ::`->() and    ::`->=() functions that exist in earlier releases.    - o + o UNDEFINED    -  + o _m_delete    - Other: - ------ +     - sp -> Pike_sp - fp -> Pike_fp - fatal -> Pike_fatal - empty_string -> empty_pike_string -  -  +    New modules / classes / methods added:   --------------------------------------      o ADT.History    Leaking stack.      o ADT.Relation.Binary    Handles binary relations.      o Audio.Codec and Audio.Codec    Contains decoders and encoders for audio. Currently WAV and MP3.    Note: The API remains marked "unstable".      o Calendar.verify      o Debug.Tracer      o Dvb.dvb -  Digital sattelite handler (linux only). +  Digital sattelite handler (Linux only).      o Locale.Language      o Parser.Python -  +  Splits Python source code into text tokens.      o Parser.RCS    Extracts data from RCS or CVS repositories.      o XML.NSTree      o HTTP.Server      o Protocols.X.KeySyms      o Standards.CIFF      o Standards.FIPS10_4      o Standards.ID3    ID3 tags decoder/encoder. Supports versions: 1.0, 1.1, -  2.2-2.4. -  Uses frequently in MP3 files. +  2.2-2.4. Frequently used in MP3 files.      o Standards.RDF    -  + o System.Time + o System.Timer +    o Stdio.FakeFile      o Stdio.GZipFile      o Tools.PV    Convenience tool that sets up a canvas with GTK, presents a    picture on it and delivers a number of image inspection and    manipulation options.       Also accessable via "pike -x pv"      o Image.Dims -  Can extract the dimensions of an image withóut loading the entire -  image. +  Can extract the dimensions of an image with a minimal amount of +  data loading. Currently handles JPEG, GIF and PNG images.      o Image.Fonts    High level API for font handling. Should be used instead of    accessing the Freetype, TTF and *FIXME* modules directly.      o Image.DWG    AutoCAD thumbnail images.      o Gmp.mpq and Gmp.mpf    Multi precision fractions.
pike.git/CHANGES:193:      o String.Replace, String.SingleReplace         Optimizations:   --------------      o Machine code used on some architectures.      o Overall speed improvements. +  Function calls +  sprintf +  arrays +  replace    -  + o Deferred backtraces. +    o Improvement and bug tickets closed: 1499         Compatibility changes:   ----------------------      The following changes are known to break compatibility. The old   behaviour is emulated in the compatibility layer that is activated by   adding the preprocessor directive "#pike 7.2" to your program or by   giving the argument "-V7.2" to the pike executable.
pike.git/CHANGES:290:    compatibility layer.      o dirname    Now correctly returns a directory instead of just stripping the    part after nearest directory seprator.      o LR    LR has been moved to Parser.LR and the API has been chnged.    FIXME: More about this?    + o wmml documentation removed +  Use the documentation in the refdoc directory instead.    -  + o .build_lobotomize_crypto removed +  Use the Makefile target lobotomize_crypto to lobotomize Pike. +  Should preferably be executed in unused tree right from CVS. +  + C level/development changes: + ---------------------------- +  + o Some global defines has been renamed to avoid name clashes. +  sp -> Pike_sp +  fp -> Pike_fp +  fatal -> Pike_fatal +  empty_string -> empty_pike_string +  + o --with-internal-profiling +  + o Module symbols not available from other modules. +  +    Bugs fixed:   -----------      o Reworked trampolines to cause less circular references. (solves 1937)         (To browse bug tickets, either visit   http://community.roxen.com/crunch/ - or append the ticket id to   "http://bugs.roxen.com/" for an address directly to the ticket   itself.) -  +  +  + Uncategorized: + -------------- +  + o --with-new-multisets + o PIKE_RUN_UNLOCKED + o Works with Autoconf 2.50 + o Saved 8 bytes per object for objects not using their parent scope + o constant objects (Gmp.Bignum, Math.Matrix, Image.Color)