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pike.git/CHANGES:48:    Concurrent.all(connect(host1, port1), connect(host2, port2))    ->then(bridge_ports, failure);       // Call make_request(con) once either of the connections are    // established.    Concurrent.race(connect(host1, port1), connect(host2, port2))    ->then(make_requet, query);      o Filesystem.Monitor    +  - Reduced initialization latency. +     - Changed the polling heuristic.       This is intended to reduce poll (and notification) delays in    some circumstances.       - Improved robostness of adjust_monitor().       - Removed some dead and obsolete code.       - Scan accelerated monitors too.       Both the Inotify and FSEvents APIs claim that they support    notifications on eg network file systems, and while they will    succeed in notifying on changes performed by the local host    on such file systems, they will not on changes performed by    other hosts. To avoid missing such changes these monitors    need to be actively scanned too.    -  +  - Fixed lost acceleration with InotifyMonitor +  +  Recover from race-condition where when a file was repeatedly +  created and deleted, acceleration was lost. +  +  - Fixed symlink issue with InotifyMonitor. +    o Sql.pgsql       Sped up BEGIN/COMMIT statements.    Preserve the initial error message in case of multiple error messages    during the same transaction.    Flush out unseen error messages upon connection close to stderr.      o Sql.SQLite       When using query bindings, strings are now always stored as strings;