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pike.git/CHANGES:477:   o Debug.Profiling       Tools useful for collecting and format for output the profiling    information generated when Pike is compiled --with-profiling.      o NetUtils       This module contains a lot of functions useful for the storage and    processing of network addresses, it supports IPv4 and IPv6.    - o Added ADT.CritBit module + o ADT.CritBit       Mapping-like key-sorted data structures for string, int and    float-keys (ADT.CritBit.Tree, ADT.CritBit.IntTree,    ADT.CritBit.FloatTree). Implemented in C.      o Standards.BSON       A new module for working with BSON serialized data. See    http://bsonspec.org/   
pike.git/CHANGES:1117:   o SSL.File: Redesigned I/O state machine.       This reduces the complexity and risk of bugs in the I/O handling.      o SSL support for lots of new cipher suites added:       + AEADs and modes:       - CCM and CCM-8    -  - CHACH20-POLY1305 -  +     - GCM       + Certificates       - ECDSA       + Ciphers       - AES and AES-256