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pike.git/CHANGES:71:       This fixes the warning "An expression of type function({ Backend =    object(implements _static_modules.Builtin()->defaultBackendClass) } :    void) cannot be assigned to a variable of type function({ Backend =    object(implements _static_modules.Builtin()->Backend) } : void).".      o bool       Make sure that 0 is part of the range for the bool type.    + o Charset +  +  Fixed encoding errors for two characters in the GSM-03.38 charset. +  + o Debug +  +  Fixed typo in mask in check_callback_chain(). +  +  Fixes infinite loop in circularity detection. +    o Gdbm       Support building with gdbc 1.13.       Fixes obscure compilation error when building with gdbm 1.13    due to a symbol clash with the symbol "fatal" used as an argument    in the macro definition of gdbm_set_errno().      o Mapping   
pike.git/CHANGES:93:    Fixes linking issues on NT.      o Protocols.HTTP       - Fixed do_async_proxied_method() losing the timeout during TLS    negotiation.       - Now fails immediately if Query is unable to open a socket, instead    of waiting 120 seconds for a time out.    +  - Allow connection reuse also when the server is a hostname. +    o Thread.Mutex       - Perform a thread yield on mutex onlock in an attempt to reduce    thread starvation.      o Sql.pgsql       - Added an extra synchronisation condition, and increased parallelisation    to resolve all detected race conditions (which in rare circumstances    (many parallel queries on a single filedescriptor) could have resulted