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pike.git/CHANGES:606:    api's. Currently with ready to go modules for these services:       + Web.Api.Facebook    + Web.Api.Github    + Web.Api.Google.Analytics    + Web.Api.Google.Plus    + Web.Api.Instagram    + Web.Api.Linkedin    + Web.Api.Twitter    + o VCDiff    -  +  Glue for the open-vcdiff differential compression library. More +  information can be found on http://code.google.com/p/open-vcdiff/ +  +    Extensions and new functions   ----------------------------      o Bz2.File added       It implements a Stdio.File like API, including support for the same    iterator API that Stdio.File has, allowing for convenient line    iterations over BZ2 compressed files.       | foreach( Bz2.File("log.bz2")->line_iterator(); int n; string line )