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pike.git/CHANGES:12:    merge a difference into a three-way equality.   o Fixed a bug where reused local variables weren't cleared properly.   o Fixed sorting order for huge characters.   o The values returned by Thread.status is now available as constants    in the Thread module.   o Added peek() method to ADT.Heap and Priority_queue.   o Fixed "file not open" error when performing multiple operations on a    Filesystem.Tar file.   o Fixed a rare PNG decoding issue.   o Proper handling of NULL elements in Postgres. + o Fix for potential SQL injection vulnerability in Postgres.      Other:      o Fixed bug causing local variables to never be reused, which in turn    leads to huge stack frames.   o Fix to avoid the cleanup thread becoming garbage when the cache    object is destructed.   o Various UCS-2/SQLWCHAR related fixes in Odbc. Potentially fixes    problems where wchar_t is 4 bytes (eg MacOS X).   o More multiset gc fixes.