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pike.git/CHANGES:63:    int c()    {    return b; // Calls `b().    }    }       object a = A();    a->b = 17; // Calls `b=(17).    werror("%d\n", a->b); // Calls `b().    + o Casting to derived types. +  +  It is now possible to call a value of type type to perform the +  corresponding value cast. eg: +  +  typedef string MyString; +  +  return MyString(17); // Casts 17 to "17". +    o Unicode escapes.       Pike now understands the common way to escape unicode chars, using    \uxxxx and \Uxxxxxxxx escapes. These escapes works both in string    and character literals and in the preprocessor. The latter means    that unicode escapes can be used in identifiers, which is useful if    they contain characters that can't be represented raw in the source    code charset.      o New (stricter) type checker for function calls.