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pike.git/CHANGES:81:   o Fixed support for UnixODBC.   o Made IA32 machine code compatible with Darwin IA32 ABI. Enabled    machine code for Darwin.   o Upgraded bundled GMP from 4.2 to 4.2.1      Build fixes:      o Support GNU Java (GCJ)   o Did away with the use of the undocumented internal MS win32 CRT    functions __loctotime_t and __dtoxmode. - o Fixed compileation of Nettle and Mysql on win32. + o Fixed compilation of Nettle and Mysql on win32.   o Fixed typo that caused the configure script to search for lots of    nonapplicable include dirs on windows.   o Backported new INT_TYPE_{ADD,NEG}_OVERFLOW implementation from 7.7.    The old one does not work with GCC 4.1.   o Fixed problem where mysql_character_set_name exists in mysql.h but    not in the lib for some old mysql clients.   o Fixed epoll support to not require /dev/epoll on Linux. That means    epoll will be enabled all mainstream Linux distributions running on a    2.6 kernel. If for some reason you want to disable it use    --without-epoll.