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pike.git/CHANGES:7:   o Added timeout to Image.PS. Now kills the ghostscript process if it    hasn't returned after 30s.   o Added GL 1.2 and 1.3 constants.   o Added possibility to set offset and stride when creating textures from    memory objects in GL.   o Fixed CMYK calculation in Image.Image.   o Added adjusted_cmyk to Image.Image and use it when decoding with    Image.PS.   o Now handles more eps images internally in Image.PS without spawning    ghostscript. - o Added Standards.IIM that handles IPTC IPTC Information Interchange + o Added Standards.IIM that handles IPTC Information Interchange    Model data in JPEG or Postscript images created with PhotoShop.   o Added support for little endian TIFFs.   o Added support for TIFF to Image.Dims.   o Changed HTTP.Query to close connections explicitly.   o Changed sslfile to avoid blocking IO in destroy() as that could lock    up the gc. You should explicitly close() SSL connections since the close    packet might block.   o Improved Parser.XML.Validating.   o More paranoid checks of image headers when using Image.AVS.   o Fixes to make describe_value work as usual in the free pass of the