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pike.git/CHANGES:1:   Changes since Pike 8.0.1116 (release 14) + ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Bug Fixes   ---------      o Inotify       add_watch() now returns -1 for filsystem-related failures    that may be due to the filsystem being in flux.      Changes since Pike 8.0.702 (release 13) -  + ----------------------------------------------------------------------      New Features   ------------      o Core       - Added "->?" as the safe indexing variant of "->".       - Added int(7,8,16bit).   
pike.git/CHANGES:449:      o Attempt to use paxctl to alter the PaX flags for the pike binary to    allow for generation of machine code on NetBSD.      o Silence GL deprecation warning and fix a missing definition error on    Darwin for newer versions of MacOS.      o Fix check for my_bool and compilation errors related to MySQL 8.      Changes since Pike 8.0.610 (release 12) + ----------------------------------------------------------------------      New Features   ------------      o Sql.mysql       In unicode decode mode, characters outside the BMP are now    encoded as UTF-8 encoded UTF-16. This works around that    MySQL/MariaDB don't allow characters outside the BMP in utf8    strings (and instead require the character set to be declared