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pike.git/CHANGES:33:   o Fixed a memory leak that appeared when doing `- or `& on a mapping    or multiset.   o Fixed a core dump when doing `[]= on a string with invalid index.   o Fixed a bug that in rare cases would make identifiers disappear from    programs.   o Fixed a bug that could cause the parser to hang when a tag callback    returned the empty string and there's a data callback registered.   o Bugfix for handling of NUL in %{%} in sprintf.   o Added kludge to avoid race condition in syslog(2) in    glibc/linuxthreads. + o Bugfix when iterators are used in foreach. They are now incremented +  after the loop instead of before it. This can have compatibility +  effects in code that uses iterators explicitly. E.g: +  String.Iterator iter = String.Iterator ("foo"); +  foreach (iter; int ind; int val) +  werror ("%d %d\n", ind, iter->index()); +  This will now write "0 0", "1 1", etc. In previous versions of 7.4 +  it wrote "0 1", "1 2", etc since the iterator has already been +  incremented to point to the next element.    -  +    Changes since Pike 7.4.10:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      o Bugfix in Parser.C. "!=" is now considered one token instead of two.   o Bugfixed loop over-optimization caused by faulty dependency    analysis.   o Postgres 7.3+ correctly detected.   o Now function_object behaves as in Pike 7.2 again, returning zero if    the argument is a constant in the parent class. In that case    function_program() can be used to get the parent program.