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pike.git/CHANGES:62:       - Enable the full address space on NT.       The default address space on NT is just 31 bits. Attempt to    get the linker to enable the full addressspace.       - Don't execute $CFLAGS as a command       - Add -mcpu=niagara to CFLAGS on sun4v    +  - Disable machine code when compiling using GCC 4.6.0 and above, to avoid +  a broken machine code generator. +    o Threads:       - Fixed hang in co_wait_interpreter().       co_wait_interpreter() would hang (waiting for threads to be    reenabled) if called in a disabled_thread context. This happens    on OSes using USE_WAIT_THREAD (eg Solaris) if a process is waited    on in a disabled_thread context.      o Backend:
pike.git/CHANGES:159:       - Add connect_before option to signal_connect so you can connect the signal    before or after the default hooks.       - Fixed infinite loop in encode_truecolor_24_rgb_al32().       - Fixed various issues in get_doc() et al.       - Change gobject signal connect to before instead of after.    +  - Fix a refcounting crash in GDKEvent. +  +  - Pass arguments to accel_group callbacks separately rather than as +  one array. +  +  - Call the correct callback when an accelerator is hit. +  +  - TreePath: Query the depth for get_indices() rather than looking for +  a terminator. +  +  - Add a signal_stop() method to prevent signal propagation. +    Image:       - Fonts: Add PS_NAME attribute in info mapping if possible.       Needed to facilitate compatibility with code relying on behaviour of    older versions of FreeType.    -  +  - Fonts: Enhanced compatibility with newer versions of FreeType. +     - JPEG: Disable the module if empty       - Add basic CMYK/YCCK support to Image.JPEG.decode(). Fixes [bug 6163].       - ColorTable: Fixed some memory leaks in add().       - XPM: Fixed memory zapping bug in _xpm_write_rows().       - Handle orientation information contained in JPEG EXIF information.   
pike.git/CHANGES:318:    - Reduce number of system calls in mkdirhier().       - Call fd_select() before fd_accept() in my_socketpair() to make sure it's ready.    Added support for poll() to the fd_accept() check in my_socketpair() and    lowered the select() timeout.       - Added linger(), to change the linger time on sockets.       - Fixed a bug in Stdio.FakeFile::read_function() where read data wasn't returned.    +  - Open files in binary mode, for systems that care (OS/2, etc). +    Standards:       - Standards.EXIF supports rationals with a zero denominator.       The denominator may be zero to indicate infinites.       Fixes [bug 6729].      ZXID: Update the zxid_conf::path_len field.