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pike.git/CHANGES:1: + Changes since Pike 7.6.86 + ---------------------------------------------------------------------- +  + Changes in Pike: +  + o Added conversion from Gmp.mpz objects to Gmp.bignum when cast to int. + o Added timeout to Image.PS. Now kills the ghostscript process if it +  hasn't returned after 30s. + o Added GL 1.2 and 1.3 constants. + o Added possibility to set offset and stride when creating textures from +  memory objects in GL. + o Fixed CMYK calculation in Image.Image. + o Added adjusted_cmyk to Image.Image and use it when decoding with +  Image.PS. + o Now handles more eps images internally in Image.PS without spawning +  ghostscript. + o Added Standards.IIM that handles IPTC IPTC Information Interchange +  Model data in JPEG or Postscript images created with PhotoShop. + o Added support for little endian TIFFs. + o Added support for TIFF to Image.Dims. + o Changed HTTP.Query to close connections explicitly. + o Improved Parser.XML.Validating. + o More paranoid checks of image headers when using Image.AVS. + o Fixes to make describe_value work as usual in the free pass of the +  gc, so that e.g. sprintf("%O",...) behave well when called from +  destroy(). + o Fixed truncated field names in ODBC. + o Fixed masking of file positions larger than 2 GiB on 64-bit. + o Fixed low-level parsing of HTTP headers to not reorder the headers. + o Fixed an inverted error test in Mysql.set_charset. + o Added set_charset and get_charset proxy functions to Sql.Sql. + o Changed Protocols.HTTP.Query async_close() to care about the value +  returned by ponder_answer(). Fixes requests to broken servers that +  don't send proper results. + o Fixed bad free_string() in exit_bytecode(). + o Fixed an off-by-one crash when drawing alpha boxes all the way to +  the bottom of the image. + o FIXME_SPECIFY: "mast: Backported multiset fixes." +  + Other: +  + o Improved Valgrind support. + o Now checks the return code from win32 VirtualProtect. This breaks +  assembler optimized builds on Windows. It never worked in the first +  place, but used to fail silently, so this is better. This has been +  fixed in 7.7 by using another heap manager, but it has not been +  decided if it should be be backported. + o Adjusted array growth policy in array_insert to double the size +  instead of growing with approximately one eighth of the size. This to +  ensure O(1) time complexity and lessen fragmentation. (This affects +  ADT.Sequence._insert_element and ADT.CircularList._insert_element.) + o Fixed support for UnixODBC. + o Made IA32 machine code compatible with Darwin IA32 ABI. Enabled +  machine code for Darwin. +  + Build fixes: +  + o Support GNU Java (GCJ) + o Did away with the use of the undocumented internal MS win32 CRT +  functions __loctotime_t and __dtoxmode. + o Fixed typo that caused the configure script to search for lots of +  nonapplicable include dirs on windows. + o Backported new INT_TYPE_{ADD,NEG}_OVERFLOW implementation from 7.7. +  The old one does not work with GCC 4.1. + o Fixed problem where mysql_character_set_name exists in mysql.h but +  not in the lib for some old mysql clients. +  +    Changes since Pike 7.6.66   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Changes in Pike:      o Added support for "100 Continue" to Protocols.HTTP.Server.   o Fixed Keep alive issues in Protocols.HTTP.Server.   o Fixed SSL.sslfile to ensure that a read callback gets a call if it's    installed when there already is data in the internal read buffer.   o Fixed Cache.cache to work without threads again.
pike.git/CHANGES:27:   o Fixed bug causing local variables to never be reused, which in turn    leads to huge stack frames.   o Fix to avoid the cleanup thread becoming garbage when the cache    object is destructed.   o Various UCS-2/SQLWCHAR related fixes in Odbc. Potentially fixes    problems where wchar_t is 4 bytes (eg MacOS X).   o More multiset gc fixes.   o Fixed support for running dmalloc Pike with -d.      Build fixes: +    o Fixed VC8 compilation.   o Fixed support for C++ modules.   o Improved support for Darwin x86.         Changes since Pike 7.6.50   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Changes in Pike:   
pike.git/CHANGES:279:    7.4 compatibility mode or lower.      o --help    The Pike --help message has been improved, and it is possible to    retrieve further information about options and environment    variables. In addition, most of the tools and build scripts now    accept --help and describes what they do and what options they    take.      o INT64 -  On 64 bit architechtures Pike will now use full 64 bits integer +  On 64 bit architectures Pike will now use full 64 bits integer    before resorting to Gmp.mpz objects for large numbers.      o IPv6    Networking code in Pike has been updated to work with IPv6. This    includes both low-level fixes in the socket handling as well as    high-level changes such as IP parsing and protocol additions such    as AAAA records in Protocol.DNS.      o module system improved    Both dynamic and static modules now appears as objects, and they both