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pike.git/CHANGES:17:    New module to support SCRAM authentication.      o Thread.ResourceCount       New module to allow threadsafe race-condition-free counting of resources.      o SSL.File       Support query_fd() and set_buffer_mode() methods.    + o mktime/System.TM +  +  Considerable speedup and a reduction in codesize. +    Bug fixes   ---------      o Crypto.CCM       Fixed initialization of the iv.      o Filesystem.Monitor       - Fixed issue with next_poll being set to zero causing polling
pike.git/CHANGES:78:    - Suppress rare "access in destructed object" messages.       - Rip out fundamentally flawed reconnect logic, made failures consistent.       - Repair SSL connect logic.       - Update documentation.       - Repair fetch_row_array().    + o mktime/System.TM +  +  Make timezone management consistent (especially UTC handling). +    o Standards.IIM       Disabled debug output for unknown segment markers.      Building & Tools   ----------------      o Image.SVG       Fall back to using the unprefixed pkg-config if the arch-prefixed