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pike.git/CHANGES:335:       aD=aS       rather then the behavior before:       aD=(aL+(1-aL)*aS)       (which is the behavior of the 'normal' mode.)       Bug fixes in the above modes so that alpha r,g,b channels -  are handled properly (separate). +  are handled properly (separately).       Bug fixes in equal, not_equal, less, more, less_or_equal,    more_or_equal modes so that the alpha channel is handled as    documented (which is, in fact, as above; aD=aS).       Bug fix in divide, invdivide to actually do what the modes    are supposed to do (rather then just black the layer).       And while on it, adding some modes:       'imultiply' - D=(1-L)*S    'idivide' - D=S/(1-L)    'invidivide' - D=L/(1-S)       'value_mul' - multiplying the source layer value -  (as in h,s,v) with the curreny layer value to the destination layer -  ("true burn"). +  (as in h,s,v) with the current layer value to the destination +  layer ("true burn").       NOTE: There is no backward compatibility functions added for use    with #pike.      o Thread.Condition()->wait      o Protocols.LDAP.client    The return code from all methods was changed to follow Pike's    logic better. 0 is now a failure. The old behaviour is emulated in    a compatibility layer.
pike.git/CHANGES:417:      o --with-new-multisets   o PIKE_RUN_UNLOCKED   o Works with Autoconf 2.50   o Saved 8 bytes per object for objects not using their parent scope   o constant objects (Gmp.Bignum, Math.Matrix, Image.Color)   o basetype()   o it is possible to change predefines without forking a new pike   o dynamic loading   o #pragma save_parent - o #pragma dont_same_parent (overrides constant __pragma_save_parent__) + o #pragma dont_save_parent (overrides constant __pragma_save_parent__)   o dont_dump_module   o modules can no longer call functions in other modules directly   o it is possible to inherit pike programs from C programs. - o seperate weak flags for indices and values in mappings + o separate weak flags for indices and values in mappings      Math.inf   Math.nan   Gmp.mpf   Gmp.mpq (Rational numbers)   Gz._file   Image.Image()->blur   Image.Image()->grey_blur   Image.PVR: VQ compression/decompression added   MIME.Message: guess mode added
pike.git/CHANGES:450:   _Ffmpeg   Image.JPEG: transforms   Stdio.File->sync   Stdio.get_all_active_fd (from spider)   system.normalize_path   system.gettimeofday   system.get_netinfo_property (Max OS X)   system.usleep/nanosleep   system.Memory (a class to read/write from mmap'ed or allocated memory)   SDL - Suffler + Shuffler   Image.SVG