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pike.git/CHANGES:1:   Changes since Pike 7.6.112   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Changes in Pike:      o Fixed infinite loop that could occur when feeding Image.XBM with    malformed data.   o Added option "file" to Image.PS.decode().   o Image.PS.decode() now reads nonblocking from the pipes. + o Added use of custom backend in Image.PS.   o Added "Regexp.PCRE.Widestring" to the feature list.   o Added ADT.Trie data type.   o Fixed bug in columns sorting in ADT.Table.   o Fixed bug in a special case of GIF color decoding (bug 3536).   o Encoder, Decoder and Codec are now available in the Pike module.    While the programs were always retrievable from the master object,    now they can be inherited in codecs that wish to extend the master    codecs.   o The XMLRPC module can now serialize Calender objects. Only 200    responses will be attempted to be decoded. Fixed a bug in handling
pike.git/CHANGES:22:    big_query, if unavilable.   o Fixed a race condition in Stdio.mkdirhier()   o Fixed some memory problems in the backend pointed out by valgrind    and others.   o Fixed bug ingethrvtime when cpu_time_t isn't 64 bit long.   o Fixed bug in finding out svalue type for trampolines.   o Don't crash when not sending ssl options to Mysql.   o Fix for case where ODBC tried to write error messages with wide    strings in them.   o Bugfixes for ODBC long fields. - o Added unlocking of the interpreter lock for all blocking ODBC operations. + o Added unlocking of the interpreter lock for almost all ODBC +  operations. This is needed for simplistic odbc drivers that take +  their internal lock for all calls.   o Added handling of ISO-6937:2001 in charset decoder.   o Many dup2() fixes in Stdio.File.   o Fixed Crypto.set_{en,de}crypt_key() to accept the force flag. -  + o Added alternate backend support for Stdio.sendfile(). + o win32: Fixed bug in RegGetValue{,s}() for fields of type *_SZ of length 0. + o Close the kqueue fd when a backend goes away. Should solve all +  kinds of "no more file descriptor" and "couldn't create backend wakeup +  pipe" problems on Darwin.   o More error handling added to Monger.   o More error handling added to cgrep.   o Added more methods to enable the buggy unicode decode support in    Mysql.mysql:       * "broken-unicode" as charset to create() or set_charset().       * set_unicode_decode_mode (-1).       Note that all this only applies when compiling with a mysql client
pike.git/CHANGES:47:    enabling the normal unicode decode support. This means that no code    using broken-unicode should rely on the BINARY flag on text fields    to avoid utf-8 decoding.      Build fixes:      o Mird: Renamed FDATASYNC() to MIRD_FDATASYNC() to avoid clash with    NetBSD header-files.   o The precompiler doesn't generate broken string width check code.   o Fixed some problems with configure tests using rusage and threads. + o Added /opt/csw/lib to list of library directories to check. + o If compiler is GCC, also add all library directories listed by +  gcc -print-search-dirs. + o Normalize library directory pathnames before adding them.      Other:      o Bugfixed GUID generation in installer.         Changes since Pike 7.6.86   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Changes in Pike:
pike.git/CHANGES:335:    that use kqueue instead of poll().   o Pike.Backend: fixed a bug that caused delays when setting callbacks.    Fixes bad performance for SSL.sslfile based servers.   o Sybase: SybaseOpenClient framework on Mac OS X.   o CMOD precompiler: fixes for polymorphic function overloading and    module level functions.   o Do not decode non-shortest forms in utf8_to_string and _Charset, for    security reasons and unicode 3.1 compliance.   o Image.PNG: fix a memory leak.   o Image.FreeType: Added support for monochrome pixel fonts. + o Fixed Image.Font default font alignment.   o Postgres: Fixes to create() variable 5 parsing.   o GTK: a number of typos were fixed.   o A large number of fixes for 64 bit architectures.   o Significant optimization of sscanf %*s and %*[...].   o Optimized Mac OS X cache management in machine code generation    resulting in better performance in some areas (e.g. startup time).      Other Changes:      o Windows installer fixes