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pike.git/CHANGES:109:    Voidable pointer types are no longer promoted to mixed.      o cpp    The preprocessor now supports macro expansion in the #include and #string    directives.      o PIKE_PORTABLE_BYTECODE    --with-portable-bytecode is now the default. Pike programs that have    been dumped on one architecture now can be decoded on another.    - o AMD64 code generation -  Pike is now able to create native code for AMD64 processors. -  +    o Math.Matrix    Multiplication were bugged and gave B*A instead of A*B. Now fixed.      o Destruct reason passed to lfun::destroy.    lfun::destroy now receives an integer flag that tells why the object    is being destructed, e.g. if it was an explicit call to destroy(),    running out of references, or reaped by the garbage collector.       These integers are defined in the new Object module as    DESCTRUCT_EXPLICIT, DESTRUCT_NO_REFS, DESTRUCT_GC and