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pike.git/CHANGES:14:    garbage and the cpu time spent in the gc into account. Automatic    gc runs can also be disabled in critical regions. See the function    Pike.gc_parameters.      o sort() is stable    Unlike previous releases, sort() will keep the original order    between elements that are equal. This was not implemented as a    separate function since it could be done with virtually no extra    overhead.    + o sort() is portable +  Sort is now locale and platform independent. In other words, +  strings are now compared only according to the unicode value of +  every character.    -  + o Reworked codec +  +  The codec for serialization of Pike data types has been updated +  and has a significally improved successrate at encoding modules. +  +    Language additions:   -------------------         New modules / classes / methods added:   --------------------------------------      o trace() takes another argument to turn on tracing in all threads    The configure option --without-thread-trace has been removed, but    instead the trace() function has been extended to make it possible