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pike.git/CHANGES:948:    in the featurelist, and since it has no library or OS dependencies,    it will always be available.       This driver serves URLs of the form:    pgsql:// (plain) and pgsqls:// (SSL).    In case the old Postgres driver is disabled, this driver takes    over postgres:// transparently as well.      o SSL    -  FIXME: client certificates: examples? +  It is now possible to set certificates to SSL connections. Example:    -  +  SSL.sslfile ssl_connection(Stdio.File conn, string my_key, +  string my_certificate) +  { +  ctx->client_rsa = Standards.PKCS.RSA.parse_private_key(my_key); +  +  // client_certificates is an array holding arrays of certificate +  // chains. since we've got a self-signed cert, our cert array has +  // only 1 element. +  ctx->client_certificates += ({ ({ my_certificate }) }); +  +  return SSL.sslfile(conn, ctx, 1, 1); +  } +    o Standards.IIM       Some bugfixes in parsing Photoshop headers and DOS EPS Binary    Headers.      o Standards.ISO639_2       Updated with the latest ISO639-2 languages.      o Standards.URI