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pike.git/CHANGES:292:    This module collect non-cryptographic checksums. Support for crc32,    adler32 and Castagnoli CRC (CRC32C).       NB: In the future these may be amended to support the Crypto.Hash API.      o Parser.ECMAScript       This module simply provides a token splitter for    ECMAScript/JavaScript.    + o Pike.DestructImmediate +  +  Objects of classes that inherit Pike.DestructImmediate will be +  destructed immediately on their references reaching zero (rather +  than at some arbitrary time "soon"). This class should be used +  for any classes that are (or hold) locks or similar. +  + o Pike.InhibitDestruct +  +  Objects of classes that inherit Pike.InhibitDestruct may +  control whether explicit destruct() calls should succeed +  (or be delayed until later). Note that this class is just +  a convenience API, and that this functionality may also +  be implemented by hand. The intended use is for C-classes +  that do not want their storage to be zapped eg during +  library calls. +  +  Note that it is not possible to inhibit destruction due +  to running out of references or by the gc. +    o Pike.LiveBacktraceFrame       This is similar to Pike.BacktraceFrame, but refers two-way    to an active (or not) execution context. It can be used    to eg examine (and change) local variables, and is intended    for debugger use.      o Web.EngineIO & Web.SocketIO   o Protocols.HTTP2   o Bittorrent.DHT