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pike.git/CHANGES:1246:   o Crypto.RSA and Crypto.DSA       The key generation for RSA and DSA are now done by Nettle. This    results in 90% faster key generation for RSA. Key generation for DSA    is 10 times slower, but produces better quality keys.      o Crypto.Hash       Added support for pbkdf1 from PKCS#5v1.5 and pbkdf2 from PKCS#5v2.0.    + o Crypto.Random +  +  The underlying algorithm for Crypto.Random has changed from a overly +  cautious Yarrow implementation to Fortuna on top of system random +  sources. About 7000x faster than before. +    o Standards.PEM       + Added some support for encrypted PEM files      o Standards.X509       X509 was moved from Tools to Standards and has been refactored and    bug fixed. It is now possible to extend both validation and creation    of certificates with new cipher and hash algorithms. A range of new    algorithms are supported for both RSA and DSA: