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pike.git/CHANGES:147:      o ::_indices(), ::_values().    There are now two "magic" functions ::_indices() and ::_values()    that can be used by an object to list all identifiers and their    values in itself. They are primarily intended when the _indices()    and _values() lfuns have been defined, to get the default    implementations. This is to complement the "magic" ::`->() and    ::`->=() functions that exist in earlier releases.      o UNDEFINED +  To generate a 0 (zero) with a zero_type(var) == 1, you previously +  had to use constructs like ([])[0]. This is now available as the +  globally available symbol UNDEFINED.      o _m_delete    There is now an LFUN mixed _m_delete(mixed index) to overload in    your classes to imitate mappings. It gets invoked when m_delete    is performed on your object.      o :: includes current class    class X {    int i;    void create (int i) {X::i = i;}