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pike.git/CHANGES:22:    big_query, if unavilable.   o Fixed a race condition in Stdio.mkdirhier()   o Fixed some memory problems in the backend pointed out by valgrind    and others.   o Fixed bug ingethrvtime when cpu_time_t isn't 64 bit long.   o Fixed bug in finding out svalue type for trampolines.   o Don't crash when not sending ssl options to Mysql.   o Fix for case where ODBC tried to write error messages with wide    strings in them.   o Bugfixes for ODBC long fields. + o Added unlocking of the interpreter lock for all blocking ODBC operations.   o Added handling of ISO-6937:2001 in charset decoder.   o Many dup2() fixes in Stdio.File.   o Fixed Crypto.set_{en,de}crypt_key() to accept the force flag.   o More error handling added to Monger.   o More error handling added to cgrep.   o Added more methods to enable the buggy unicode decode support in    Mysql.mysql:       * "broken-unicode" as charset to create() or set_charset().