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pike.git/CHANGES:266:   Protocols.HTTP:       - Don't modify the mapping sent to response_and_finish.       Unsuspecting users that pass a constant mapping to    response_and_finish when a particular error occurs (or when a    particular URL is requested) can fail if response_and_finish    alters the mapping. For example, future requestes may retain a    416 error if one request uses the Range: header.    +  - Support async keep-alive in Protocols.HTTP.Query. Fixes [bug 7143]. +    Protocols.SMTP: send_message() now punicodes the hostname.       Potential fix for [bug 6531].      Protocols.SNMP: Fixed error in GetRequest variable bindings.       The variable value should be ASN1 "Null" rather than a bogus integer.    C.f. RFC 1905 section #3.      Sql.rsql:
pike.git/CHANGES:325:    Potential fix for [bug 6582].       - sslfile: Added linger().       Implemented linger() API. The linger time is propagated to the raw    socket, and additionally a linger time of zero inhibits sending of    the close packet.      Stdio:    +  - cp() detects ouroboros and avoids infinite loops and file truncation. +     - Reduce number of system calls in mkdirhier().       - Call fd_select() before fd_accept() in my_socketpair() to make sure it's ready.    Added support for poll() to the fd_accept() check in my_socketpair() and    lowered the select() timeout.       - Added linger(), to change the linger time on sockets.       - Fixed a bug in Stdio.FakeFile::read_function() where read data wasn't returned.