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pike.git/CHANGES:414:    weirdos.      o Calendar       - Added new calendar Badi, used in the Baha'i religion.       - Fixed bugs in discordian, where the year() was off by 1166 and    now() was off 5 month per year.       - Time objects now handle * and / with floats. A split() method has -  been added for more advanced splitting. FIXME: Example +  been added for more advanced splitting where the preferred time +  quanta can be given as an argument.       - A new formatting method format_ext_time_short() has been added to    Time objects.       - Timezones are now read from /etc/localtime, if available.       - Cleaned up year-day (yd) handling so that it never goes below 1.    Instead be careful to use either year (y) or week-year (wy)    depending on context.   
pike.git/CHANGES:696:      o Parser.XML.NSTree       - Added add_child_before() and add_child_after() methods to the    NSNode object.       - Fixed crash bug.      o Parser.XML.Simple    +  - The autoconvert() function, used to autodetect the character +  encoding of an XML file and decode it, has been moved from being a +  method of the Parser.XML.Simple object to being a function in the +  Parser.XML module. +     FIXME -  autoconvert() moved to top level +     Several correctness fixes.    Added Simple.Context      o Parser.XML.Tree       FIXME: Rewrite    Added rendering of DTD ENTITY nodes.    The renderer now knows about the internal_subset attribute for the    DOCTYPE tag.    Added rendering of DTD ELEMENT nodes.
pike.git/CHANGES:742:       - A new function get_runtime_info() has been added which returns    information about current ABI, if automatic bignums are enabled,    what bytecode method is used, the size of native floats and    integers and the native byte order.       - The constants INDEX_FROM_BEG, INDEX_FROM_END and OPEN_BOUND has    been added for use with the `[..] operator API.       - The functions low_check_call(), get_return_type() and -  get_first_arg_type(). FIXME! +  get_first_arg_type() allows for inspection of attributes and +  return values of functions.      o Process       - The new function spawn_pike() will spawn a Pike process similar to    the current one, using the same binary file, master and module    paths.       - The new function run() is an easy interface that will run a    process and return a mapping with all the outputs and exit code.   
pike.git/CHANGES:902:    - Support for ODBC DSN files. FIXME: Example from grubba?       Sql.Sql db = Sql.Sql("dsn://user:pass@host/database");       - Support for the TDS protocol, used by Sybase and Microsoft SQL    server.       Sql.Sql db = Sql.Sql("tds://user:pass@host/database");       - Support for the SQLite database added. A raw interface is -  available throug hthe SQLite module. FIXME: Syntax? +  available through the SQLite module. FIXME: Syntax?       Sql.Sql db = Sql.Sql("sqlite://path/to/file");       - Sql.pgsql. New driver for native PostgreSQL network protocol support.    It implements a superset of the existing Postgres driver.    Current features: no library dependencies (no libpq), native binding    support, streaming support, NOTIFY/LISTEN support (fully eventdriven,    no polling), binary support for integer, float and string datatypes    through big_typed_query(), native support for 64-bit ints and doubles,    COPY FROM/TO STDIN/STDOUT support, multiple simultaneous streaming