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pike.git/CHANGES:461:   o The preprocessor has been converted into a cmod, and been modified    to use more standard Pike datatypes.      o The preprocessor-specific hashtable implementation has been removed.      o The gdb_backtraces() function is now available also --without-debug.      o There's now support to block mapping hashtables from being shrunk    on map_delete().    + o guaranteed_memset() is replaced with secure_zero() which fills a +  buffer with zero. On x86 SSE2 is used to zero the memory without +  loading it into the CPU cache, as this function is typically used +  before calling free() on memory with cryptographic key data.    -  +    Documentation   -------------      o RFC references added.      o Character encoding issues fixed.      o Added @enum/@endenum markup.      o Support undocumented enums with documented constants.