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pike.git/CHANGES:1:   Changes since Pike 8.0.164   ----------------------------------------------------------------------    + New features + ------------ +  + o gc +  +  It is now possible to run the gc in a quick mode to just cut +  weak references from a specific container. +  +    Bug fixes   ---------      o ADT.Heap       The Element class lost track of its position when remove() was used.      o Filesystem.Monitor       * Improved thread safety and robustness
pike.git/CHANGES:237:    that a string is 8 bits wide only: string(8bit)       This is equivalent to the range (0..255) but can be easier to parse.       Similarly int(1bit) is an alias for 'bool', and int(12bit) is the    same as int(0..4095).      o 'this::x' is now equivalent to 'this_program::x' -- access the    identifier x in the current object.    + o Weak references to stuff with a single reference are now +  removed when the container is resized.    -  +  This means that weak references can be cut without having to +  wait for the full gc to run. +  +    New preprocessor features   -------------------------      o Support for the ", ##__VA_ARGS__" cpp feature.       This makes the ‘##’ token paste operator have a special meaning when    placed between a comma and a variable argument. If you write       | #define err(format, ...) f(debug)werror("ERROR: "+format, ##__VA_ARGS__)