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pike.git/CHANGES:106:      o The type-checker has been rewritten.       Mainly it is now much better at finding type errors, and most error    messages are more readable.      o Allow '.' to be used as an index operator in the few places it did    not work before.      o "Safe" index +     Copied from a popular extension to other C-like languages.       X[?ind] is equivalent to ((auto _ = X),(_ && _[ind]))    while X?->ind is equivalent to ((auto _ = X),(_ && _->ind))       The main use is 'deep indexing' where some elements can be 0:       | request_id?->user?->misc?->x       vs
pike.git/CHANGES:129:      o Added the '?:' operator for compatibility with other C-like    languages. It is identical to '||' in pike.      o The && operator changed, when doing A && B, and A is false, keep A    instead of returning 0.       This is especially useful then A is not actually 0, but an object    that evaluates to false, or UNDEFINED.    +    New preprocessor features   -------------------------      o Support for the ", ##__VA_ARGS__" cpp feature. -  +     This makes the ‘##’ token paste operator have a special meaning    when placed between a comma and a variable argument. If you write       | #define err(format, ...) f(debug)werror("ERROR: "+format, ##__VA_ARGS__)       and the variable argument is left out when the err macro is used,    then the comma before the ‘##’ will be deleted. This does not    happen if you pass an empty argument, nor does it happen if the    token preceding ‘##’ is anything other than a comma.      o The preprocessor can now be run with a cpp prefix feature. -  +     This is currently used by the precompiler to avoid two levels of    preprocessing, one using "#cmod_" as the prefix and the other "#".      o Dynamic macros -  +     You can now add programatic macros. There is currently no syntax    that can be used to define these while compiling code, but you can    add them from one program before compiling plug-ins/modules.       The main use is macros like DEBUG(...) and IFDEBUG() that would    expand to something if a debug setting is enabled in the module but    nothing otherwise, or, to take an actual example from the Opera    Mini source code:       | add_predefine( "METRIC()",
pike.git/CHANGES:203:    | float value() {    | return floating_average_diff(requests);    | }    | }         Optimizations   -------------      o New significantly faster block allocator +     The free in the old one was O(n^2), which means that as an example    creating a lot of objects and then free:ing them mainly used CPU in    the block allocator.       This fix changed the ordo of one of the tests that did that very    thing (binarytrees) from O(n^2) to O(n), and as such is more than a    simple percentual speedup in some cases, but it always improves the    performance some since the base speed is also faster.      o Power-of-two hashtables are now used for most hashtables
pike.git/CHANGES:255:       This is used to optimize certain operations,    lower_case, upper_case, search and string_has_null for now.    It could be added to other places in the future as well.       The fairly common case where you are doing lower_case or upper_case    on an already lower or uppercase strings is now significantly    faster.      o Several other optimizations to execution speed has been done +     + object indexing (cache, generic speedups) -  +     + lower_apply, changes to apply in general    Taken together these individually small optimizations speeds up at    least pike -x benchmark more than 5%. -  +     + A lot of opcodes implemented in machine-code for x86-64    This speed up the loop benchmarks close to a factor of 3. But then    again, most real code is nothing like that benchmark. -  +     + Several new opcodes added    As an example an observation was that most branch_if_zero is    followed by an is_eq, is_lt or is_gt or similar. Those opcodes    always return 1 or 0. So, two new opcodes, quick_branch_if_zero    and quick_branch_if_non_zero were added that map directly to three    x86-64 opcodes, there is no need to check the types, do a real    pop_stack etc.      o Faster hash-function for strings -  +     + Also siphash24 was added and is used in case the string hash table    becomes inefficient    -  +    Deprecated features and modules   -------------------------------      o Tools.PEM and Tools.X409 deprecated -  +     Use the corresponding modules in Standards.      o The built in sandbox is now deprecated -  +     Unless somebody wants to take ownership of the feature and keep it    up to date the security system will be removed in the next stable    release.    -  +    Removed features and modules   ----------------------------      o Removed facets -  +     The optional (and not enabled by default) support for facet classes    has been removed, since it was only partially done and not really    used.      o It is no longer possible to compile pike without libgmp. -  +     Bignums are now a required language feature      o The old low-level 'files' module has been renamed to _Stdio      o 'GTK' is now GTK2, not GTK1 unless the system has no GTK2 support.      o Locale.Charset -  +     The charset module is now available on the top level as 'Charset'    -  + o The compiler now warns about switch statements where the cases +  aren't enumerable, since these will generate random failures +  if the code is read from a dump. +  +    New modules   -----------      o Pike.Watchdog -  +     A Watchdog that ensures that the process is not hung for an extended    period of time. The definition of 'hung' is: Has not used the    default backend.       To use it simply keep an instance of the watchdog around in your    application:       | Pike.Watchdog x = Pike.Watchdog( 5 ); // max 5s blocking       An important and useful side-effect of this class is that the    process will start to respond to kill -QUIT by printing a lot of    debug information to stderr, including memory usage, and if pike is    compiled with profiling, the CPU used since the last time kill -QUIT    was called.      o Crypto.Password -  +     A module that can be used to verify and create passwd/ldap style    password hashes.       It tries to support most common password hashing schemes.      o Debug.Profiling -  +     Tools useful for collecting and format for output the profiling    information generated when pike is compiled --with-profiling.      o NetUtils -  +     This module contains a lot of functions useful for the storage and    processing of network addresses, it supports IPv4 and IPv6.      o Added ADT.CritBit module -  +     Mapping-like key-sorted data structures for string, int and    float-keys (ADT.CritBit.Tree, ADT.CritBit.IntTree,    ADT.CritBit.FloatTree). Implemented in C.      o Standards.BSON -  +     A new module for working with BSON serialized data.    See http://bsonspec.org/      o Geography.GeoIP -  +     Does geolocation of IPv4-numbers using databases from maxmind.com    or software77.net      o Protocols.WebSocket -  +     An implementation of the WebSocket (RFC 6455) standard, both server    and client      o Image.WebP -  +     Encoder and decoder for the WEBP image format.    More information about the format can be found on    https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/      o Serializer -  +     APIs useful to simplify serialization and deserialization of    objects Mainly it allows you to easily iterate over the object    variables, including the private ones.       + Serializer.Encodable    A class that can be inherit to make an object easily serializable    using encode_value.      o Filesystem.Monitor and the low level System.Inotify + System.FSEvents -  +     Basic filesystem monitoring.       This module is intended to be used for incremental scanning of a    filesystem.       Supports FSEvents on MacOS X and Inotify on Linux to provide low    overhead monitoring; other systems currently use a less efficient    polling approach.      o Mysql.SqlTable -  +     This class provides some abstractions on top of an SQL table.       At the core it is generic for any SQL database, but the current    implementation is MySQL specific on some points, notably the    semantics of AUTO_INCREMENT, the quoting method, knowledge about    column types, and some conversion functions. Hence the location in    the Mysql module.       Among other things, this class handles some convenient conversions    between SQL and pike data types      o Parser.CSV -  +     This is a parser for line oriented data that is either comma,    semi-colon or tab separated. It extends the functionality    of the Parser.Tabular with some specific functionality related    to a header and record oriented parsing of huge datasets.      o ZXID -  +     ZXID is a library that implements SAML 2.0, Liberty ID-WSF 2.0    and XACML 2.0.       This module implements a wrapper for ZXID. The interface is similar    to the C one, but using generally accepted Pike syntax.      o Git -  +     A module for interacting with the Git distributed version control    system.      o Val -  +     This module contains special values used by various modules, e.g.    a Val.null value used both by Sql and Standards.JSON.       In many ways these values should be considered constant, but it is    possible for a program to replace them with extended versions,    provided they don't break the behavior of the base classes defined    here. Since there is no good mechanism to handle such extending in    several steps, pike libraries should preferably ensure that the    base classes defined here provide required functionality directly.      o __builtin -  +     The __builtin module is now a directory module, so that it can provide    a suitable namespace for code written in Pike intended for being    inherited from modules written in C (cf precompile).       -  +    Extensions and new functions   ----------------------------   o Bz2.File added -  +     It implements a Stdio.File like API, including support for the same    iterator API that Stdio.File has, allowing for convenient line    iterations over BZ2 compressed files. -  +     | foreach( Bz2.File("log.bz2")->line_iterator(); int n; string line )      o Image.JPEG -  +     + decode now supports basic CMYK/YCCK support -  +     + exif_decode is a new function that will rotate the image    according to exif information      o String.Buffer -  +     String.Buffer can now add the storage from a different String.Buffer    object with the add() method.       It is possible to add sprintf-formatted data to a String.Buffer    object by calling the sprintf() method. This function works just as    the normal sprintf(), but writes to the buffer instead.       The new method addat() allows for writing into the buffer at any    position.      o SDL.Music added to SDL. -  +     Allows the playback of audio/music files.    Requires the SDL_mixed library.      o System.TM -  +     Low-level wrapper for struct tm.       This can be used to do (very) simple calendar operations. It is,    as it stands, not 100% correct unless the local time is set to    GMT, and does mirror functionality already available in gmtime()    and localtime() and friends, but in a (perhaps) easier to use API.      o decode_value now throws the error object Error.DecodeError. -  +     Useful to catch format errors in the decode string.      o Process.daemon -  +     The daemon() function is for programs wishing to detach themselves    from the controlling terminal and run in the background as system    daemons.      o Debug.pp_object_usage() -  +     Pretty-print debug information, useful to get debug information    about object counts and memory usage in pike applications.       Uses the new _object_size lfun, if present in objects, to account    for RAM-usage in C-objects that allocate their own memory.      o Mysql -  +     + Added support more modern client libraries (incl. MariaDB) -  +     + Mysql.mysql now has methods to query the id or SQLSTATE of the    last error.      o Protocols.DNS -  +     + Prevent endless loops in maliciously crafted domain names. -  +     + Add QTYPE T_ANY to DNS enum EntryType in DNS.pmod. -  +     + Handle truncated labels -  +     + TCP client and server support      o Thread no longer inherits Thread.Thread (aka thread_create)      o Thread.Farm now might work      o Cmod precompiler. -  +     + inherit "identifier"    -- inherit the program returned by calling master()->resolve() on    the specified identifier. Useful to inherit code written in pike.      o String.levenshtein_distance() -  +     The function calculates the Levenshtein distance between two    strings. The Levenshtein distance describes the minimum number of    edit operations (insert, delete or substitute a character) to get    from one string to the other.       This can be used in approximate string matching to find matches    for a short string in many longer texts, when a small number of    differences is expected.      o System.sync() -  +     Synchronizes the filesystem on systems where this is possible    (currently windows and UNIX-like systems).      o System.getloadavg() -  +     Return the current 1, 5 and 15 minute system load averages as an array.      o glob() -  +     The glob function has been extended to accept an array of globs as    the first (glob pattern) argument.       In this case, if any of the given patterns match the function will    return true, or, if the second argument is also an array, all    entries that match any glob in the first array.      o Stdio.UDP(): -  +     + added IPv6 multicast support -  +     + added set_buffer      o Stdio.File(): -  +     + send_fd and receive_fd    These functions can be used to send and receive an open    file-descriptor over another file-descriptor. The functions are    only available on some systems, and they generally only work    when the file the descriptors are sent over is a UNIX domain    socket or a pipe.       + Changed internally to remove one level of indirection.    The Stdio.File object no longer has a _Stdio.Fd_ref in _fd. They    are instead directly inheriting _Stdio.FD.       _fd is still available for compatibility, but internally it is gone.    -  +  + Fixed grantpt() on Solaris failing with EPERM. +    o Unicode databases updated to 6.3.0 from 5.1.0 -  +     This is the latest released Unicode database from unicode.org.      o The Search search engine module has seen several fixes -  +     + Added support for padded blobs. This improves performance when    incrementally growing blobs. This feature is only enabled if    Search.Process.Compactor says this is OK, see the documentation    for more information.       + Several locking optimizations, specifically, avoid locking and    unlocking for every single iteration when merging and syncing    blobs.       + Charset conversion fixes       + Fixes for queries where the same world occur multiple times    ('foo and bar and foo')      o pike -x benchmark -  +     + Output format changed -  +     + Also added support for JSON output. -  +     + The results should be more consistent. -  +     + Added options to allow comparison with a previous run.      o New stand-alone tools added to make it possible to build    documentation without the pike build tree -  +     + autodoc_to_html    AutoDoc XML to HTML converter. -  +     + autodoc_to_split_html    AutoDoc XML to splitted HTML converter. -  +     + git_export_autodoc    Exports a stream of autodoc.xml suitable for git-fast-import.    Used on pike-librarian.      o Readline tries to set the charset to the terminal charset -  +     This makes it possible to write non-7bit characters on a terminal    if the terminal supports it.      o Fixed units in pike --help=kladdkaka      o Several changes has been done to the GTK2 module -  +     + GTK2.DrawingArea no longer crash in draw_text if you pass odd parameters. -  +     + draw_pixbuf can now be passed width and height -1, which makes it    take the size from the passed image. -  +     + GDKEvent no longer crash when you extract strings from them -  +     + accelerators now work -  +     + Fixed RadioToolButton -  +     + signal_connect can now connect a signal in front of the list -  +     + Several fixes to Tree related objects -  +     + GTK2.SourceView added -  +     + GTK2.Spinner added      o A few issues were fixed that were found by Coverity -  +     + Fixed memory leak in Math.Transform -  +     + Fixed two compares that were written as assignments (errno    checks for EINTR for sockets)      o System.get_home + System.get_user -  +     (mostly) Cross-platform ways to get the user name and home directory.      o System.AllocConsole, System.FreeConsole and System.AttachConsole for NT -  +     These are useful to create or close the console window that is    shown for pike programs.      o Process - forkd -  +     Forkd can be used to more cheaply create new processes on UNIX like    systems.       This is done by first starting a sub-process that is then used to    create new processes.       If your main process is large, this is significantly faster than    using the normal create_process, and does not risk running out of    memory for the forked (temporary) copy of the main process that is    created.      o MacOSX CoreFoundation support in the backend -  +     This makes it somewhat more likely that native libraries can work    with pike.      o Better IPv6 support. -  +     This includes detection of IPV6 mapped IPV4 addresses    (::FFFF:i.p.v.4) and full support for IPv6 in the UDP    code.      o Asynchronous Protocols.SNMP client      o Fixes to Process.run, Process.spawn_pike and friends. -  +     + Support OS/2 path conventions -  +     + Fixed multiple issues with search_path()/locate_binary()    - locate_binary() is now more reliable on Windows    - Now invalidates the cached path is PATH is changed    - Uses locate_binary to scan the path    - spawn_pike() now uses search_path() -  +     + You can now optionally have System.spawn_pike pass predefines,    program and include path to the spawned pike, in addition to the    module path.      o Lots of autodoc fixes -  +     A lot more of the previously existing, but broken, documentation is    now readable.      o predef::types -  +     This is equivalent to values and indices, but instead gives the    types for each value.       Basically only useful for objects.      o Builtin._get_setter -  +     This function returns a setter for a variable in an object.    The setter, when called, will set the variable value to the passed    argument.      o Parser.XML.Tree fixes -  +     + Several namespace improvement and handling fixes      o New charsets -  +     A lot of ISO-IR charsets added:    9-1, 9-2, 31, 232, 234, 231 (aka ANSI/NISO Z39.46, aka ANSEL) 230    (aka TDS 565) 225 (SR 14111:1998), 197/209 (sami) 208 (IS 434:1997)    207 (IS 433:1996), 204,205 and 206 (aka 8859-1, 8859-4 and 8859-13    with euro) 201, 200, 138 (ECMA-121) 198 (ISO 8859-8:1999) 182, 181,    189 (TCVN 5712:1993, aka VSCII) 167, 166 (aka TIS 620-2533 (1990)),    164, 160, 151 (NC 99-10:81), 68 (APL), 59 (CODAR-U), 202 (KPS    9566-97). Fixed CSA_Z242.4      o Several fixes to Protocols.HTTP -  +     + Improved Protocols.HTTP.Query.PseudoFile    (significantly better Stdio.Stream simulation) -  +     + Do not use hard coded Linux errno:s -  +     + Case insensitive handling of header overrides in do_method -  +     + Fixed broken check for URL passwords when querying -  +     + Add more descriptive HTTP responses along with a mostly complete    list of codes -  +     + Handle non-standards compliant relative redirects -  +     + Cleaner handling of async DNS failures -  +     + Handle chunked transfer encoding correctly when doing async    queries -  +     + Fixes for the proxy client support -  +     + Several keep-alive handling fixes -  +     + Server:    - More forgiving MIME parsing for MSIE    - Fixed range header handling    - Fixed parsing of broken multipart/form-data data    - Added optional error_callback to attach_fd    - The response processor (response_and_finish) now treats the    reply mapping as read-only.    - Support if-none-match (etag:s)    - Ignore errors in close when destroying the object      o dtrace support (on MacOSX) -  +     Pike now supports dtrace events on function enter and leaving (and    when stack frames are notionally popped, for functions doing    tailrecursion).    -  + o sizeof() now supports ADT.struct. +  +    Crypto and SSL   --------------      o SNI client extension support for SSL (Server Name Indicator)      o Standards.PEM -  +     + Added some support for encrypted PEM files      o Nettle refactored      o AES support added to the SSL module -  +     This adds support for the following cipher suites:    TLS_rsa_with_aes_128_cbc_sha    TLS_dhe_dss_with_aes_128_cbc_sha    TLS_dhe_rsa_with_aes_128_cbc_sha    TLS_rsa_with_aes_256_cbc_sha    TLS_dhe_dss_with_aes_256_cbc_sha    TLS_dhe_rsa_with_aes_256_cbc_sha      o SSL now supports TLS 1.0 (SSL 3.1) and TLS 1.1   
pike.git/CHANGES:740:    Crypto. In addition the following cipher suites have been added to    SSL:       TLS_rsa_with_camellia_128_cbc_sha    TLS_dhe_dss_with_camellia_128_cbc_sha    TLS_dhe_rsa_with_camellia_128_cbc_sha    TLS_rsa_with_camellia_256_cbc_sha    TLS_dhe_dss_with_camellia_256_cbc_sha    TLS_dhe_rsa_with_camellia_256_cbc_sha    + o Crypto.SALSA20 and Crypto.SALSA20R12    -  +  The 128/256 bit cipher SALSA20 is now available as a stream cipher +  in Crypto. SALSA20R12 is SALSA20 reduced to just 12 rounds. +  + o Crypto.SHA3_224, Crypto.SHA3_256, Crypto.SHA3_384 and Crypto.SHA3_512 +  +  The SHA-3 secure hash algorithm has been added in multiple variants. +  +    Building and installing   -----------------------      o -fvisibility=hidden is now the default -  +     This means that PMOD_EXPORT is now actually needed on systems like    Linux and MacOSX. It also means that the binary is slightly smaller    and faster.      o clang compilation fixes (bignum overflow checks, misc) -  +     It is now possible to compile pike using a modern clang compiler.      o Removed bundles -  +     Pike no longer comes with copies of some libraries, and the support    for that in the makefile has been removed.      o Several OS/2 and windows compilation fixes         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   - > snip - > snip - > snip - > snip - > snip - > snip - > snip - > snip - > s   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   
pike.git/CHANGES:867:       now becomes       int query_tooltip(GTK2.Widget w, int x, int y, int keyboard_tooltip,    GTK2.GObject tooltip, mixed callback_arg)         Bug fixes   ---------    + o Fixed symbol resolution with deep inherits and mixins. +    o Fixed backtraces when Protocols.HTTP.Query objects where garbage    collected. [bug 5730]      o Fixed problem with Calendar.month_from_yday() when applied on week    53. [bug 5303]      o Fixed leak in the PNG decoder for images with tRNS chunk.      o System.normalize_path no long fails for files with 8-bit chars in    their names.