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pike.git/CHANGES:88:      o #warning    A new The Pike preprocessor directive #warning has been added. It    simply writes the rest of the line to stderr.         The Pike master:   ----------------      o The new option --dumpversion prints out the Pike version in a more -  easily pared way than --version. +  easily parsed way than --version.      o The master now supplies argv to the started application, so it can    use the create() method for execution. Some people find it a more    elegant solution than having a main function.      o The "-e" flag to Pike has been improved with a number of convenience    wrappers. When compiling code with "pike -e", the macro NOT(X) will    expand to !(X) and CHAR(X) to 'X', making it easier to solve quote    problems from a shell. If the return from a pike -e statement is a    positive integer it will be used as pikes exit code. If the return