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pike.git/CHANGES:1259:   o Fixed symbol resolution with deep inherits and mixins      o Fixed PNG 4bpl indexed mode with alpha      o The _sprintf LFUN now works with %F      o foreach( arr[-two()..], string x), where two() returns 2 will no    longer iterate over the first element in the array three times or    crash.    + o Postgres.postgres_result now properly decodes binary blobs and +  strips trailing spaces from CHAR columns. +    o Fixed a typo from 2001-05-05 that caused a lot of countries to -  recide on the continent ',Europa' instead of "Europa" in +  reside on the continent ',Europa' instead of "Europa" in    Geography.Countries.       Obviously the continent is not that often checked.      o Fixed interresting bug in the constant number parsing for octal    numbers in escapes.       For whatever reason 8:s were accepted for every location except the    first in octal numbers, so 078 was considered an alias for 0100.