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pike.git/CHANGES:1:   Changes since Pike 7.8.352 (third 7.8 release):   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Extensions and New Functions   ----------------------------      o Added module Search.    FIXME: Needs a couple of paragraphs of description.    + o Typed query result support in Sql.Sql and in the MySQL module. +  +  Traditionally the SQL glue has returned all types of data as +  formatted strings with their display representations. Now there are +  new so-called "typed" variants of the query functions (typed_query, +  big_typed_query, and streaming_typed_query in the Sql.Sql class) +  that instead return the data as the appropriate pike native types, +  e.g. pike integers for SQL integers, pike floats for SQL floats, +  etc. +  +  This requires support by the DB server specific backends, which is +  currently limited to the MySQL glue. +    o has_prefix now works on objects.      o Standards.JSON       New module for encoding and decoding JSON data. Implemented in C.    -  + o Val +  +  New module to contain some global special objects that are shared +  between other modules. There is e.g. a Val.null object which is used +  both by the Sql module to represent SQL NULLs in typed mode, and by +  Standards.JSON to represent the null value. +    o Protocols.HTTP.Session will no longer override an existing    content-type header in async_do_method_url.      o Protocols.HTTP       Allow directly specifying the body of a POST request (needed for the Google    Apps API).      o Updated timezone data to tzdata2010o.   
pike.git/CHANGES:37:   o Integer constants exported by modules can now be used in cpp expressions.      o Modules/programs that have the constant "dont_dump_program" will not    be dumped on installation. This is used to prevent dumping of    programs that check for external dependencies at compile time such    as the MySQL module.      o Added Thread.Queue.peek_array.      o Fixed stack overrun bug in Nettle.CBC and Nettle.Proxy. This is not -  belived to have been a security issue. +  believed to have been a security issue.      o Added System.getloadavg() on platforms that support the getloadavg() call.      o SSL       Added support for AES to SSL3, and fixed bug that prevented some    handshake failure alerts to be sent to the client.      o SSL