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pike.git/CHANGES:77:   o Fixed icon transparency on Microsoft Windows.   o Fixed a bug that could cause wrong line numbers in backtraces when    ia32 machine code is used.   o Fixed bug that could cause the stack to get out of synch when large    64 bit negative integers were converted to bignum objects.   o Fixed bug in trampoline objects so that they can be indexed and    printed as normal objects.   o Fixed a bug in the dependency analyser. It didn't check arguments to    side-effect free functions for written variables, which could cause    overoptimization breakage. + o Fixed Image.Image(1,1)->scale(0.5)->scale(2.0) segmentation fault bug.      Changes since Pike 7.2.30:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      New/improved functionality:   ---------------------------      o New Hilfe    The interactive pike environment you get when running pike without    giving a program name, has been thoroughly rewritten. Most notably