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pike.git/CHANGES:46:    // Call bridge_ports(con1, con2) when both connections are    // established.    Concurrent.all(connect(host1, port1), connect(host2, port2))    ->then(bridge_ports, failure);       // Call make_request(con) once either of the connections are    // established.    Concurrent.race(connect(host1, port1), connect(host2, port2))    ->then(make_requet, query);    + o Filesystem.Monitor +  +  - Changed the polling heuristic. +  +  This is intended to reduce poll (and notification) delays in +  some circumstances. +  +  - Improved robostness of adjust_monitor(). +  +  - Removed some dead and obsolete code. +  +  - Scan accelerated monitors too. +  +  Both the Inotify and FSEvents APIs claim that they support +  notifications on eg network file systems, and while they will +  succeed in notifying on changes performed by the local host +  on such file systems, they will not on changes performed by +  other hosts. To avoid missing such changes these monitors +  need to be actively scanned too. +    o Sql.pgsql       Sped up BEGIN/COMMIT statements.    Preserve the initial error message in case of multiple error messages    during the same transaction.    Flush out unseen error messages upon connection close to stderr.      Bug fixes   ---------